These new lovely 2019 robots offers companionship

Are you always bored, lonely and tired of it, Groove X present the perfect solution during CES 2019.

One of the interesting showcase during CES 2019 is Groove X new companion, a robot called called Lovot.

These robots were built to serve just only one purpose and that is to cure your loneliness, cheer you up and make things lively. This robot will be the best companion for the elderly ones sitting at home doing nothing than to expect their children returns from work and grandchildren to come back from school.

Though these robots do not talk but their emotive animations is more than enough that you naturally respond.

These robots have lots of characteristics, they live being hugged, stare at new faces, raise their arms ready to be lifted, can identify both new and old friends and each has their own unique personality like preferring a certain outfit and so many more, all these are powered BT artificial intelligence.

Lovot robots are a penguin-like creations with plump arms, can be dressed in any outfit and also have a camera on their head like hair bun which serves the purpose of an eye, allows them facial recognition and also to avoid crashing when running around.

Lovot robot is lovely and can be your artificial companion when needed. The pre-order sale is going on and a pair  cost $6,000.

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