Pablo Escobar’s brother wants to impeach Trump this way, but…….

    According to reports filed by TMZ, Pablo Escobar’s brother started a GoFundMe campaign, to raise $50million, claimed to be needed to impeach US President, Donald Trump.

    Pasblo Escobars brother, Roberto Escobar wants to impeach Trump by starting this campaign, but the Campaign has been taken down. But, It could be back up, soon.

    According to Roberto, he says he has dirt on Trump, from the business deals he had with Escobar Inc, and boasts of his ability to impeach the president, has he has taken many, out of power.

    “I am the brother of a latino hero, I have eliminated many people from power… Trump will be impeached” he said, according to TMZ.

    After the campaign page went up, it was taken down cos the organization behind the website, GoFundMe has asked the creators of the campaign, for further info on how the money is intended to be used. The page will only be restored after proper answer.

    Meanwhile, Roberto Escobar has started his website for this impeachment cause.

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