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    My family, My identity

    I’m not a movie freak, but I have watched series of Asia movies, Korean, Philippines, Indians and Chinese and I love the way the Philippines show family. They create a picture of what family stand to be and how much contribution they give to our lives.

    The family of course is the smallest unit of the community but most powerful that drives everything. They don’t just share blood and physical appearance with you, they share your pains, joy, disappointment, believe you, love you. I see family as a place you love and feel loved. I see it as a place where you do not hide who you are.

    Because everything about who you are, both nature and nurture comes from our family. I see the family as the solution to our world problem. If the right love is given, much believe is given, much comfort is allocated, more holding of hands, more communication is allowed so that we wouldn’t go the wrong way to get them, if the right correction is given and action clearly explained, it could heal the world.

    If we all feel loved by people we first come in contact with called family and we love them, it becomes easy to live with people and love them. I have seen how much our family defines our identity, believe me there is no better place of comfort, much laughter, shared pains than family.

    You get better the moment you know there is a group of persons who are there for you even when the whole world go again you. I just wish the pictures and what a family should be is experienced by all. I believe the world could be a better place if the family is a better place to be.


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