All-electronic, motorcycle of the future – King of the road

Harley-Davidson launched the pre-order for its new electric motorcycle, Livewire on Monday, its amazing.

The motorcycle is a high-performance infused with a new level of technology. It is an all-electric motorbike, it need no mobile gas to function, all it parts are printed in 3D and its an easy-to-drive motorcycle, unlike normal motorcycle that requires clutching and changing through numerous gears to move, all that’s needed with Livewire is throttling, so easy.

The motorcycle has a touchscreen dashboard, comes with an app, has an incredible acceleration ranging from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and according to Harley-Davidson, it has a range of 110 miles, isn’t that incredible?

The rumor of the motorcycle has been around since 2014, it  appeared on screen as the steed of Scarlett Johansson’s Avengers character Black Widow. And, finally, its here, the pre-order is now on at $29, 799.

The company’s CEO and President, Matt Levatich said in an interview, “we’re at a historic juncture in the evolution of mobility, and Harley-Davidson is at the forefront. Innovation that moves the body and soul has always been at the heart of our brand, and this next chapter in our history is about creating products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders of all ages and walks of life”.

The company, on Twitter, said, “this technology makes the LiveWire motorcycle the first North American mass-market cellular-connected electric motorcycle”.

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