My Boxing day experience: How I was boxed to death on Pes

    Disclaimer: If you think I am a bad Pes player…………then you are right. Lol. But, trust me, I’m improving with every defeat. Smiles

    Howdy diary? It has not been a while cos I still saw you about two days ago. I would be writing so much at this days, since there is a lot of free time on my hand, but I would try not to leave you by January when I start my final exam. (Yawww, I’m be FYB – In Jenifa’s whatever).

    Let’s go. Remember the last post I wrote? Where I said my brother and I were going out to visit a friend. Hm, if I had known ehn, I would have just dropped my system at home. I only carried my defeat in my hands. Don’t cry for me, it’s has been normal (But, I have changed).

    That’s how we flagged down a bike man, told him our destination. He billed us well, it was Christmas time. I snapped the guy’s picture sef (not to show you here anyway, and I won’t). The guy smiled at camera as he collected a whole #250 from us – my big bro. If you stay in Lagos, I know you will say how is #250 much, that’s for you guys over there, here in AK city, 250 is on the high side, are we going to London ni?

    Anyway, we finally got on the bike, I was seated in the middle, my laptop and my bro’s pad in the bag on my lap. The journey to that guy’s house was like a travel, it was long. Dust everywhere, covering our legs as stew covers rice. Stew-y dust everywhere.
    Actually, the guy was our neighbor, and they had just moved to a new house in Oda road (Not like you care anyways).

    Dust Everywhere

    My bro was to lead the bike man as we veered into the suburb, with untarred road (Better than Mayfair road, Ile Ife, anyway), he pointed directions at the man. Thank God we didn’t get too lost, but we took a longer journey, all in a bid for me to get boxed to death.

    We got to the house, the fence is still under construction, but the house was dope. Millions just entered the ground. This is Nigeria. We opened the unlocked gate. My first question as we got in was, “Hope there are no dogs here?” (In Yoruba language). My bro shook his head and didn’t even look at me. When we got to the door, my brother who has a flair for pictures sighted the wall, and the door, the angle was great for pictures. “Damola, let’s take pictures” he said. (Yes, my real name is Oludamola). We took a couple of shots. I will only show you mine, and not his. He is finer than I am, but I want you to crush only on me.

    Those inside were notified of our arrival, and they were glad to welcome us. We got in, shook hands with the guy, hugged the mother, bla bla bla. The guy was happy to see us, at least the day wouldn’t be boring for him. He is the only child, and the only guy in the house, everywhere ladies.

    After sitting for a few minutes, the mother asked us if we would eat immediately. My head said yes, but my stomach cried no. what do you think I did? ……………………..It’s a lie, we didn’t eat immediately, we had just finished our meal at home.

    I’m sure you know this was not my breakfast. I ate it in my dream tho. 

    Sharp sharp, it was time for game. We set up the laptop, connected it to the plasma TV with an HDMI cord, and boom, the big picture on my wallpaper surfaced on the screen. I looked at myself again, fine boy. (Did I tell you I once applied for SBA – Sweet Boys Association, Falz’…?)

    There were just two pads available, but the three of us wanted to play “blur” – a racing game. Then the guy brought a suggestion, he had an app called PC remote on his phone, we got the PC version on my system, and he set it, then he would use his smartphone as pad. Like, he could control my system with his phone, without touching the system. If you are on OAU and you need it, just DM me later. Read this thing first.

    We took time connecting though, but soon, we got gaming. Blur was fun, I never came first at a race, but gathered points, while they both shared first place in various laps, bla bla bla.

    Now to Pes, my big bro was a total novice at Pes, but my roomies had trained me, killing me severally. I and the guy were to duel. Let the games begin. The guy is actually a basketball player, but this is game, even someone that can’t play real football, will be a king at it.

    Clash of the…… broke boys

    We started, I scored first. OAU connect. I was happy, I scored the second goal. My big bro said I had won. Last last, the first game sha ended with me losing 4 – 3. Yes, you read it right. He came back and nailed me with his Adekunle Ajasin University hammer. Second game, I lost, 2 – 0. Let’s go again, I said to myself, I can do all things through ……… the third game, I was raped (like my roommates would say), 3 – 0.

    But, as a business enthusiast and entrepreneur that I am, and from what I had read in the few book I had read, I learnt not to give up, even when I was failing. On a serious note now, don’t give up even when you fail. You can do anything. Just start now.

    Back to my yeye talk. Finally, just like money fell on Davido, power fell on me. I nailed him in the fourth match, by a lone goal. 1 – 0. My bro ‘gingered’ me, “damola has vexed, damola ti gear” he chanted, and the morale went high. We played the fifth match, I stumped the guy, 5 goals to nothing. The guy shifted in his chair, while I laughed on. I pressed the joints in my hand, getting set for the 6th match. Then it happened, the unimaginable happened. We played on, the match was tough, and boom, it was a comeback to level terms, I won the 6th match, 4 – 1. Now, I felt like the king of soccer, my scorelines were badass than his.

    No voice in me was saying “Stop”, no one advised me to just take my honor home. Even Holy spirit did not interfere in this natural affair, he left me to have fun – and I sure did.

    We entered the 7th round, and in the toughest of matches, the guy won, 5 – 3. My heart sank, I will not gree. But the guy was smart, he dropped the pad sharply after that win, he had a lucky win, and I was unlucky, we both made mistakes, but I made more, and I lost – not woefully though. I called on him, let’s play the 8th round, baba ran away, he wouldn’t risk it. “I can’t come and lose in my home” he said. I was pained, but, it’s not my first time of losing, this was even an honorable loss.

    I was laughing at the moment. It must be a dream. Where is my Crown, why am i having a hat instead. Who stole the crown? Abi, I’m not seeing well ni, where are my lenses

    Maybe I should have just eaten when his mother said we should eat. I think it was because I didn’t eat. Anyways, that’s how I was boxed dead on boxing day, 26th December, 2018.

    But, one thing that I will tell you is that, when I started playing Pes, I was a woeful loser, I lost to the range of 7 – 0 once. But, I smiled whenever I lost, and I played again (Whenever I have the time).

    I played and lost many times, the number of times I won is the less than the square root of 144, then divided by 4. This tell you something diary, don’t give up on that idea, don’t give up on that business, on that venture. You might fail, do it again, you fail, do it again. Keep trying until you make it.

    I’m still a learner in Pes, but I know that soon, I would be king of Pes. Meanwhile, while writing this, I’m currently playing La Liga Santander league on my system, and my Barcalona team is 18th on the table, after 5 games. We rise soon. To all the great players out there, shout out to you.

    I hail the (my) bosses. If you are not, just skip this smiley, its not yours. 

    This post was too long than I envisaged, but I hope it was worth your time. If you wanna comment or share to friends, there are share icons just below the advert after this post. Scroll further down, you will see them, and also, the comment section. Let me know if you enjoyed it, biko, spur me to write another one. I love ya’ll.

    Best regards from the
    Knocked out Pes novice
    Black Pen

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