Instagram influencers! You could be getting your own version of Instagram app

Influencers are those who make Instagram interesting, with the various content stunt they pull to get views, likes and follows. Instagram recognises their hard work, and could be giving them a custom version of the app. Instagram is testing a “Creators version” of the app. Lets dive into the details.

This is not the test feature interface, I just liked this picture. 

The Creators account that is in testing is somehow similar to business profiles, but it is different, in that, it has more features that only influencers seem to need. This was made confirmed by the company to Hollywood reporters.

The Creators account was designed for influencers, artists and other creative users of the app. Though, influencers can use the business profile, the features of business account don’t really satisfied the needs of influencers. Right? Influencers need more data info than what business accounts offer in insights.

The Creators account that is in test has more tools which shows more data info to influencers, such as, followers growth, data across Instagram insights synced with IGTV, including more data on traditional posts and stories.

The ‘update’ would also help influencers to sort through messages, labeling the ones from brands and friends. Also, influencers can now control how people get to contact them, as they can remove what method they dont want on their profile.

Instagram claims that it want to improve the platform, to aid the work of influencers and creators. The visual focus of the platform has made it popular among influencers.

This feature is probably in a bid to pacify the loss of influencers when the API policy of the platform changed earlier this year. The API system changed after Facebook suffered data breach, amd was on fire. The change was before schedule, and so many third party apps used by influencers to grow accounts were affected, affecting growth on influencers account.

Implementation, if it would be possible, would be next year.

Like I said, this is still in test phase, and you should know that it is not all things that were tested would be implemented. Lets just hope this is implemented, and when it is, I would notify you. You can just sign up for our news letter, so you don’t miss it.

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