How Queen Elizabeth Celebrated Christmas in style

    Have you been of the opinion that since Queen Elizabeth is 92, she would have no fashion sense left? No, you are wrong. The aged woman is simply still a slayer – in the realms of the aged anyways.

    Christmas celebration is a thing to the Royal Family, as the monarchs are of the Christian Faith. This year’s celebration was no different in norm, but the Royal family stepped out in style – especially the Queen.

    Queen Elizabeth stepped out in a double-breasted light grey coat, that was lined at the edges by a Fushia pink embroidery. Underneath the coat was a floral blouse – a good rep of the season of love, beauty and all good things. The class in her hat is no joke as it was adorned with plumage of Royalty.

    Also, Royals in persons of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were dressed in style as the Queen.

    In the Queen’s speech for the day, broadcast live, she stressed on love and unity in the ‘division’ the country is being faced with, as a result of Brexit. The parliament is divided as parties involved are yet to come to final terms.

    “Through the many changes I have seen over the years, faith, family and friendship have been not only a constant for me but a source of personal comfort and reassurance,” she said from Buckingham Palace’s drawing room, recorded on Dec. 12.

    “Even with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding,” she continued. The queen wore an Angela Kelly cocktail dress and gold Scarab brooch, a gift from the Duke of Edinburgh in 1966, for the broadcast.

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