Diaries: The day I finally met my mum after 7 years

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    Howdy diary, this is my first diary post, and since I’m in a rush to go visit a friend this Christmas period (I hope chicken lap shows), I would keep it short. By the way, Merry Christmas, I ate your chicken for you though. This post is a throwback to a date in November I can’t remember as of writing, it was the day I met my mum after seven years of not seeing her.

    Fine, you are wondering why. Don’t worry, she didn’t run away, she ain’t divorced from dad. Since you don’t know, my mum and dad used to live in South Africa. Dad been gone since 1999, while mum missed her hobby and went to enjoy more cuddling and kissing with her heart rob. Well, it was a good thing for me anyway, it saved me from the numerous “abara” (slap on the back) that I was prone to receive from mum. She loved me, so she beat me, wanting that I become better (And I think I’m on the way).

    Yes, 2011 mum left for South Africa, dwelling with her husband in Pretoria. Those two are quite a couple, love too strong (Prove in the latter part of this gibberish talk). Mum and dad called frequently, monitoring how my brother and I are faring with my aunt. It was a long 7 years, though I didn’t miss them that much.

    Fast forward to when mum was to return home. I got the text from her that she would be coming back on the 30th of October. A part of me leaped for joy, but if I had allowed my whole body to leap, my former Tecno L9 plus could have hit rock bottom in degeneration. I was anxious, I anticipated, though I wouldn’t show it.

    The D-Day came, October 30, 2018. Mum’s plane landed at the Abuja international Airport at 3pm exactly. The eagle has landed, but to me, I still felt she was in RSA. It was still the normal me that had not seen Momma in a long time. My younger bro was the first to feel that mum was home, she met him at Abuja where he lived.

    Mum had initially planned to come meet me in Ile –Ife, tormenting my life with questions and enquiry about hotels in town that would suffice for her needs. Her questions sometimes don’t go down well with me, cos, it was either when I was busy blogging or watching one of my Korean movies that she would message me.

    I finally decided to go meet her in Abuja, and also see my family that I had not seen in that length of years too.

    I got on that Luxurious bus (or what are they called) that day, and the slow bus made a 12 hours’ journey to the federal capital territory. I will not lie, it was my first time in Abuja, and like all those kids, I sat at the window of the bus, looking, staring and peering around, to catch the sight of the city, left and right. Damn, that place is beautiful. City gate is muah! The view was perfect at night, lights everywhere. Now, I know why those senators don’t wanna leave Abuja.

    Don’t mind me o, that luxurious bus was not as fine as this. It’s Nigerian Model I took. If you knw, u knw

    I waited a bit at the bus terminal when I had alighted, for my uncle to come get me. The man came late, and around 9pm, I got in his car. Finally, Air conditioned car.

    Now, we got home. I alighted that car. Thoughts came flooding, my mum was actually in the flat upstairs. Like, my beloved Adefunke Oni was upstairs. I could hear her voice as I ascended the stairs, carrying my most important gadget – my laptop, and other stuff in my backpack. It felt strange and weird, it was surreal. Like, it’s not yet in my conscious reality.

    Uncle pushed at the door, and I stepped in. OMG! You need to see how mum jumped up from the chair she was, shrieking and shouting as she fell on my neck. She was typically behaving like a kid. It was then I believed the saying, “there is an 8 years old in everyone”. My mum’s own ehn, it was of a 5 years old girl that got a Christmas gift. The hug was powerful, she was happy. She didn’t even allow my kid cousins that wanted to hug me, have a hugging space. Her whole girth was on me; I was covered (Not the song of Isreal Houghton o – I think).

    Have you heard this song? 

    There and then, I learnt, your mother would always love, irrespective of how bad you are. I had caused mum to shout, and gave her aches in the head, even while abroad, but she still missed me, I appreciated that mum.

    Diary, I would stop here, cos my bro is on my neck already, we need to go grab some fun at a friend’s place. But, I would say this to you, diary, if you ever come as a person and have a mother in your next life, cherish her, love her, make her happy, work hard so you could put a smile on her face. Mothers are awesome, mine is awesome, yours is awesome.
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    See my mummy as she fine, ever since she came came back ehn, daddy has been calling her daily. Like 20 times a day (WhatSapp been saving lives since….). I told you their love is gidi gan.

    I never wanted it to be this long, but I hope it was enjoyable. See you next time.

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