Well, in our nature, we tend to get used to something upon any slight change but fails to actually pinpoint what it’s or lay emphasis on it’s importance to enhance communication.
    These are the “Amazing” updates that was rolled out for WhatsApp in 2018.

    WhatsApp stickers is probably the marquee feature that the company introduced for its users. WhatsApp finally introduced sticker support on its platform, a feature that was already present on other messaging platforms like Telegram and Hike. This new feature captured the imagination of users as it introduced a new way for users to interact with their contacts. The feature also turned out to be significant for Android and iOS app makers because of the way WhatsApp implemented along with its app.

    The company also finally introduced group calling for its users allowing them to add more users to a call. Though the total number of users in a group call can’t exceed beyond four, this feature has turned out to be a good replacement for the cellular conference feature that most users have used. At the end of the year, the company also introduced a new group calling shortcut that makes the process of initiating a group call much easier.

    The platform faced a lot of flak this year from the government because of the role it played in the fake news problem. Malicious players have been using the platform to spread disinformation which simply adds to the problem. The problem grew to such proportion that it eventually led to multiple lynching across the country. To combat this, the company introduced a limit on the number of messages that users could forward to their contact list at any given time. Globally, the limit is 20 chat. In India, it is 5 chats because Indian has this huge problem of misinformation (more than Nigeria) spreading through the platform.
    In addition to the limit on the number of messages that any user could send to their contact list, the company also introduced a new feature that would warn users in case they are forwarding messages from suspicious websites. This feature is meant to focus on making users aware of what they are sharing and sending to their friends and family on WhatsApp. In case the app detects a suspicious link, it gives users two options, either to visit the link or to go back.
    The last on our list, developers working at WhatsApp also introduced a new feature that finally allows users to watch videos without leaving the app. This means that they can simply tap on the video preview link if they receive a link for a Facebook, YouTube or Instagram video and tapping that will open a small window in the app. Users can also tap to make the video full screen, and don’t need to open a new app or open the browser to watch the video.
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