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    In an ocean of comic book movies, Aquaman sets itself apart by being a wild, boisterous, unapologetically silly superhero adventure story that accomplished three great feats; a zany and unique comic book movie which is still relatable through the smart use of roller coaster adventures that would make Indiana Jones fans squeak in their seats; course-correct the DC pantheon of movies and make the character Aquaman cool again -just like Arthur himself.

    Aquaman is the story of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), the son of a lighthouse keeper and Atlanna,  the queen of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, as he reluctantly took upon the mantle of the bridge between the two worlds to prevent an invasion of the surface world by defeating his Atlantean half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), and permanently preserving peace by not only becoming the king of Atlantis but also becoming a hero to Atlanteans and surface dwellers along the way.

    kill ’em all

    Aquaman, unlike most superhero movies, is a spectacular origin story which never, for one-second, feel like a “cliche” and therein its strength lies.

    It has insanely strange moments like a drum-beating Octopus, a Queen eating a live fish straight from an aquarium and a boy swimming with a pack of dolphins which weren’t even the weirdest scenes, and somehow director James Wan made all of these comical elements work by grounding them in classic adventure stories that we have come to expect from filmmakers such as Spielberg and Tim Burton, keeping viewers engaged and completely immersed, so immersed that you would practically drown if you saw the movie with a 3-D google.

    At a point, you would think you are watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not to mention the horrific Trench scene which is one of the most thrilling scenes in Aquaman and 2018 cinema – a testament to director James Wan’s prowess as an authority in horror filmmaking.

    Aqua means water

    One of the greatest achievements of Aquaman is perhaps its gorgeous costume design which is only second to the visual effects which realistically realized the underwater kingdom of Atlantis in such an immersive way that makes the kingdom as real as Lagos.

    The fight choreography and the Computer generated imagery were among the best in cinema this year. The fight with Orm, the look and feel of the Fishermen people and the regressed race of crabs are just a few of Aquaman’s visual achievements.

    The script was a little clunky but that easily becomes forgettable as you marvel at this cinema extravaganza.

    All Hail the king

    In its bid to be a different water breathing breed, Aquaman is an hybrid of different kinds of stories: the popular prophesy king; a game of thrones; the search for an ultimate weapon which serves as a great history lesson and exposition; story of an half cast coming to terms with both sides of his heritage.

    The movie is all of these different stories held strongly together by Arthur and his boisterous personality (with Mera present every step of the way). The brilliant combination of these elements, may or may not work for you but its exhilarating momentum certainly won’t give you time to decide which side you are on.

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