Playstation 5 is coming, powerfully! Alongside PSVR 2. Here is the release date.

Seven years after the launch of PS 4, Sony is set to release PS 5. Well, not all set though, but the year of release is set.

Sony in a release has set the date for the release of PS 5 to 2020, alongside PSVR 2. What we are yet to be sure of, about the release of PS 5 is the month of release. There is contemplation as to whether the release would be March Or November.

The information about the release was first leaked by a Reddit user, RuthenicCookie, who had previously accurately stated that Sony would not be holding the E3 event for 2019, and this was later confirmed by the company.

According to RuthenicCookie, the gadgets and kits been developed by developers for the PS 5 makes it pass as a “monster”. The console runs on a Ryzen 8 core and a price tagged at $500 on release.

This new generation game is not just a modification of the former generations of PS series, but according to the company, would be built from scratch, and a major feature of the coming series would be virtual reality.

The virtual reality system of the PlayStation is also getting an upgrade, with the PSVR 2 not making use of the breaker box in the current version of the PSVR. PSVR 2 features an in-built camera, and Virtual Reality gloves would also be tested in the new version. There would also be a PlayStation New move controller to be released.

Latest PS 4 games, like Death Stranding, The Last Of Us II, Ghost of Tsushima, will also be played on the PS 5.

Get ready to play some more.

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