#OAU-vs-UNILAG war on Twitter, what started it? who won? who lost? You should see. #OAUvsUNILAG

This blog post was updated to include the right information about the Twitter user who initiated the hashtag. 

OAU, UNILAG, both universities rank among the best of Nigerian Universities, and in a bid to catch some fun, OAU twitter influencer in person of @OAU_general started a hashtag #OAUvsUNILAG. Other OAU Twitter users like Debayor and SirMide amongst others joined in massively.

This tag really caused a whole lot of buzz on Twitter, even ranking higher than Simi And Mayorkun FIFA Game thread. Diss here and there, even other schools joined in. What’s the reason behind the tag, you might want to ask.

We reached out to Debayor in a bid to clarify what prompted the idea of the hashtag, and there it was, the simple tweet that caused the whole bruhahah.

Image by @OAU_general

Image by @OAU_general
image from Debayor

It was fun to see students of these great institutions savage one another, tbh, it was pure glee and fun – no hard feelings.

Some users raised issues about Post UTME, exams and faculties, disses on both sides.

#OAUvsUNILAG most of these unilag students trying to diss oau, it’s because they didn’t pass the post utme pic.twitter.com/ubI3PUouG2

— Oladapo (@oladapo_joe) October 18, 2018

#OAUvsUNILAG when unilag students see yellow house question pic.twitter.com/T2fuQzY1XN

— folagbaday (@Folla_Rayy) October 18, 2018

why would you say professors in unilag can only teach in oau secondary school #OauVsUnilag pic.twitter.com/D7yEEWobHy

— kéłłÿ (@iamkellyisi) October 18, 2018

I am sure your VC applied for MBBS…even though the catchment area of Lagos is always small..he couldn’t make it…..OAU just pity him and dash him Botany I guess🤣🤣#OAUvsUNILAG

— Farombi Oluwaseun (@Babafaros) October 18, 2018

LMAO majority of the people bashing UNILAG
Chose Unilag as first choice
Dem curve dem go OAU after 5 years Post UTME 😂😥
So they are taking out their anger #OAUvsUNILAG

— Mr. Roviel (G.O) (@ObongRoviel) October 18, 2018

Guy tweeting about babes no go carry last.

UNILAG GIRLS will never answer a video call around 11pm because their faces always restored to factory settings😝 😛😛😛😛 #OAUvsUnilag

— J.P MORGIX 🇳🇬 (@JpMorgix) October 18, 2018

Meet UNILAG newly admitted 100L students – awon upcoming Oloshos#OAUvsUNILAG pic.twitter.com/wjqGXCENXI

— Your Village People 🇳🇬 (@OAU_General) October 18, 2018

Someone said the rate of prostitution and unwanted pregnancy in Unilag is dragging with Nigeria’s poverty rate. Tor….ish. #oauvsunilag pic.twitter.com/FsCLvZErcS

— IzzyOdeb 🆖 (@IzzyOdeb) October 18, 2018

UNILAG got back with a diss at the poor state (that was then though) of OAU hostels.

So I heard they use OAU hostels to shoot prison movies pic.twitter.com/yRk4W60prl

— Omo Jaiye Jaiye 💃🏽🔥 (@kunmietheplug) October 18, 2018

Our best Tweets from both sides OAU:

UNILAG Students and Bedbugs 😂#OAUvsUNILAG pic.twitter.com/D0TW8uYmMo

— DEBAYOR (@Afolabibayor) October 18, 2018


OAU girls wear Iro and buba to club #oauvsunilag pic.twitter.com/AT2XzbplHO

— OG for Street ✊ (@DapoDavid6) October 18, 2018

There are so many tweets with that hashtag. As of posting this, there are over 55k tweets, and I can’t post all here. So, head on to Twitter and laugh to your hearts content. Remember, no hard feelings. Just follow the tag in embedded Tweets above and you should land on Twitter.

When you are done reading most Tweets, kindly let us know who you think won, cos we are lost in the middle of all those Tweets.

We stand with……..

This blog post was updated to include the right information about the Twitter user who initiated the hashtag. 

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