New update to YouTube desktop version. Now, you can watch video and browse site simultaneously

This update might not be new to mobile YouTube users, but to desktop users of the site, its a whole brand new surf experience on the site.

The new YouTube feature allows you to watch a video and simultaneously browse the site for more video content. On mobile app, you can watch a video at the bottom right corner and keep surfing, but on desktop, it aint so.

But, YouTube has you in mind, and this feature has been made available in an update.

To access this new feature, play a YouTube video and hover over it with a mouse pointer, a new button will pop up at the lower right side, click it, and the video goes to a smaller size, and relocates to the bottom right corner, so keep watching and surfing – a very cool experience.

Have you seen it??🔎 👩‍💻

The new Miniplayer button on desktop lets you keep watching your video while you browse!

Learn more & see other recent updates in the Desktop Web Release Notes here →

— Team YouTube (@TeamYouTube) October 17, 2018

The Miniplayer has a few commands of its own: play/pause and previous/next video buttons. Click the down-pointing arrow in the bottom right corner to access the playlist. To close the Miniplayer, hit X or ESC on your keyboard. And to go back to regular video view, just click on the Miniplayer (anywhere except the controls). 

The first test was in March, and now, anyone can surf-watch!!!

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