Indonesian President quotes words from “Game Of Thrones” while addressing world bank

    Game Of Thrones is a legendary movie, one you should see if you have not. And you could tell by the popularity and also, fans quoting words by house stark. “Winter is coming”.

    According to Reuters, the Indonesian President quoted the words while addressing an assembly of International Monetary Fund and the world bank.

    “Winter is coming” means you shouldn’t get too comfy, that things can always get worse at anytime, and they probably will.

    But, who knew that the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo was one of the fans that still quote house stark till date.

    In his words “All these troubled in the world economy are enough to make us feel like saying: Winter is coming”

    Here, he was addressing the IMF and the world bank about the probable consequence of a US trade war with China, and how it might disrupt global supply chains, and harm international trade.

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