Hurricane Michael, worst hurricane to hit the U.S in 50 years, 14 people dead

    This year, the United States has been hit with various natural disasters, from Hurricane Maria, to the wildfires of California, and now Hurrican Michael.

    Hurricane Michael has been ravaging the country over the past few days, with the total death toll now at 14 persons confirmed. Hurricane Michael hit Mexico Beach, southern part of Continental U.S, earlier this week, reducing the houses to slabs and rubbles of concrete and dust.

    Hurricane Michael is the worst hurricane that has hit the U.S in 50 years, with a speed of 155mph winds blowing devastatingly across the Florida Panhandle – Mexico Beach.

    It’s about 48 hours since the hurricane struck, and the extent of damage is just getting clear to officials. Officials say that about 285 occupants of the village defied the warning, to evacuate the village, they stayed back, leaving officials unsure of the total number of people dead, or those missing.

    Zahralban, leader of a search team that had been on-site since search and rescue operation started stated that it is impossible to state if there are more persons, and that the latest person confirmed dead could not be certified to belong to any family yet.

    1000 persons lived in the Mexico Beach prior to the hurricane, and only a handful has been accounted for, so far. There had been numerous calls put through to officials, and it’s really hard to say if the persons reported missing are dead or alive.

    The network tower in the community is damaged, and it might be the reason why some persons have not being able to get through to their families.

    At this point, all we can do is to keep fingers crossed and hope that more people are found – alive, and accounted for.

    Till then, our condolences remain with the victims of the Hurricane Michael.

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