Hp used leather to make this amazing laptop, beautiful leather laptop

You might want to say macbook are the best or the vanguard in this generation of laptop, but the crazy designers and craftsmen at hp headquarters are aliens – they are not of this world.

There will always be luxury to buy when it comes to tech, and that’s why today, I present to you, the new Hp spectre folio, completely made out of leather.

In an over-the-top press event today held in Mamhattan, HP announced  the launch of a new design of laptop, called the Hp spectre folio, with an amazihn design yet to greet civilidation, prior to this time.

Hp Spectre Folio has a pen enabled touch screen of 13.3inches, intel core i5 or core i7 processor, with 16gb RAM and 2TB ROM. Crazy right?

According to Hp, this laptop is not a laptop covered in leather, it was made out of leather – cow leather for that matter.
“The laptop makes you have a special kind of feeling when you touch it. It gives you a certain feeling when you smell it”

Hp is taking gadget manufacturing to the next level, who knows if the next would be to make laptops out of leaves (for Botanists like me. Smiles).

And if you have been thinking of getting one of these, head to the Hp website, where you can pre-order from today, while shipping starts by end of the month. Also, it goes for a chicken change of $1300, pere. Good luck.

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