Have you seen how people edited this Rihanna dance video to various songs?

Various artist would pay to have Rihanna dance to their songs, especially in the video of such songs, but internet users and some badass editors just created such music videos.

It’s pretty simple though, and the editor did a good job in syncing the short Rihanna dance clip to the various songs, by the likes of Lady Gaga, Azeallia Banks etc.

rihanna dancing to judas by lady gagapic.twitter.com/A96UZs6ziV

— Andrés | Lady Gaga (@slayjoannex) April 30, 2018

rihanna dancing to anna wintour by azealia banks. pic.twitter.com/qmh4NwJyVp

— ✰ (@fkajack) April 8, 2018

These memes have been around since around April though, but after the premiere of “A star is born” of recent, different memes resurfaced, after a twitter user was found to have edited Rihanna dancing to “Hair body face” a soundtrack by Lady Gaga – who acted Ally in the movie “A star is born”. Ever since, Twitter is abuzz with various videos.

rihanna dancing to 'hair body face' by lady gagapic.twitter.com/UrSp7FeUqj

— Andrés | Lady Gaga (@slayjoannex) October 7, 2018

rihanna dancing to obsessed by @MaggieLindemann… its not the best thing ever but its something pic.twitter.com/Y7JK8GqoMW

— elora, the bEsT mangos deletemann source! (@magielindewoman) October 15, 2018

Rihanna dancing to Sepohon Kayu Daunnya Rimbun 🤪🤙🏼 pic.twitter.com/P2xnfwVCae

— isaac (@isaaciaga) October 11, 2018

And here is the original video. Have a look.

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