This make up artist is shaking tables, doing crazy make up stuffs in preparation for halloween

    Halloween comes up annually, and there is a preparation that goes towards it, in terms of costumes. Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31st of October, every year, often celebrated by youth, and teens dressed up in frightening masks and costumes.

    Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad.

    Halloween is attributed to weird masks, and a wide variety of costumes, and I’m sure you haven’t really seen the day being celebrated with weird and scary make-ups, but the tide is different, this is 2018.

    There are going to be numerous parties and Halloween hangouts that will go on this year, and everyone is busy thinking of their very own theme costume for the year.

    Well, I got a very big surprise for you all. Don’t just wear costumes, look costume. Don’t just put on the dress, having the character you want to imitate on your body.

    You need to see this make-up artist that is shaking tables and doing crazy make-up stuffs in preparation for the D-Day. With various make up accessories, she paints herself into a particular character, seamlessly, just by looking at herself in the mirror.

    Whenever the make-up is done, she takes a picture and uploads on her WhatsApp status and Instagram. The brilliance is out of this world; the twist she is bringing into how we celebrate Halloween in Nigeria is crazy. If you were never a fan of make-up, this right here should make you want to celebrate Halloween. Be a part of the fun.

    I will start with my favorite. The zombie-look! It’s simply amazing, the colour of her eyes, the blood dripping from the neck, the cut. Geez

    Are you wishing you could make up like a character in the “The Nun (Valek)”? Then you should see this

    Aliens are beautiful right, but can they be as beautiful as this?

    Illusions can be created with make up too, like seriously, just look at the neck

    “How about a skeleton? It was easier than I thought though…” she captioned this. How on earth was this easy? I want to be a MUA too. 

    Psycho clown also got to feature. Yippee!!!

    See this seemingly tomato-head look alike too.

    Who is this Make-Up Artist? 
    She is a lover of scary movies, little wonder she could make-up scary.

    Well, she is Adelegan Blessing. Blessing is a part 4 student of Obafemi Awolowo University, department of Linguistics and African Languages. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Ibk_Faces, a make-up brand that goes all out to help you achieve the feminine beauty you crave. She is a damn good singer too; you should hear her voice. A member of RCCG PSF Minstrels and Chosen Generation Choir, RCF OAU.

    Blessing has a flare for looking good, and it tells from her hair to the tip of her toes. Creativity is key in her dealings, which has spurred her so far since starting her make-up brand a couple of years ago.

    What make up sessions does she do?
    Ibk_Faces can get you doled up for any event whatsoever, weddings, birthdays, even church services. You don’t need to worry a thing when you are seated in her chair.

    Does she travel?
    Wherever you want it, Ibk_Faces is ready to meet up with you and get you looking beautiful.

    Contact Information:
    Ibk_Faces is everywhere you want it to be, and can be reached via these contacts:
    IG: ibk_faces
    WhatsApp: 08137504972

    Halloween parties should be lit with you; you should be the center piece. And do you want to organize a Halloween Party and you want your party rockers to rock it with style? You know what to do. Peace!

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