Good news for Artistes: SoundCloud now allows you to share music directly to Instagram story

Up and coming artistes, made artiste and other users of SoundCloud are set to enjoy a new feature, one that now allows you to share music directly to IG stories.

In an announcement by SoundCloud, the website now allows for users to share their music directly to IG stories – though, there is a con to it. The sharing is not one that allows your fans to listen to the song directly from IG, they have to click the link to listen. But, Hey, come to think of it, if you are one with numerous IG followers, now, there is a chance that your followers get to click your link without you having to direct them to your bio which some might not eventually do.

Here is how it works, you find the track you want to share, then click on the share icon, and a list of pop ups show. You click on the IG logo or “share to Instagram stories”, which is dependent on whether you use iOS or Android. Then the link to the song is shared directly to you Instagram story. When people click the link, they are directed to “Play on SoundCloud”

SoundCloud wants to help artistes make money, as well as helping them to reach their followers directly outside SoundCloud, but you would agree that the music not playing directly on IG is not too good, right? At least, having an easy-to-access link is still a bit cool.

More to come from SoundCloud, hopefully!

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