FG to implement policy that limits the number of children a mother can have

    The internet would soon be abuzz with this information, but you should know that Federal Govt of Nigeria is planning to implement a policy that prevents the number of children a mother can have. Why? You would ask.

    In words by the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, the Federal Govt is working hard at achieving this, in a move to tackle the challenge of the govt in actualizing the Economic Recovery And Growth Plan Of The Federal Govt.

    It was done in Asian Countries like China, and it is in the works in Nigeria, all in a bid to tackle the problem of population escalation in the country, which the govt claims has been a major stumbling block in the actualization of its plans for the country.

    The Govt is said to be in meeting with traditional leaders to brainstorm on the plan.

    Zainab disclosed this info on Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018, at the 24th Nigeria Economic Summit In Abuja. According to the minister the ERGP of the federal govt will be sustained as it is a document that is for the good of the nation.

    This leaves us to wonder if this is really the right and next step in the rejuvenation of the Nigerian economy. Also, we wait to see people’s response to this.

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