DJ Khaled celebrates his son, Asahd’s birthday in an unbelievable grand style

Don’t Joke With My Daddy!!!

If your birthday is not going to be as loud as that of Asahd, DJ Khaled’s son, then it’s just child’s play. DJ Khaled is the real MVP when it comes to Daddy-goals.

DJ Khaled, successful musician and mogul has since inception not hidden his love for his son, family at large, but with Asahd’s birthday coming, DJ Khaled is telling us that we’ve seen nothing just yet.

Reports have it that DJ Khaled rents a whole Baseball stadium in honour of the celebration, this coming saturday, where he will host the grand carnival in honour of Asahd’s second birthday.

Marlin’s park will be full of thrills, buzz and sound when the gate is flung wide open for the celebrations to begin.

In honour of the son, Khaled also launches the Asahd Initiative, an arm of the “We the best Foundation”, aimed at helping children worldwide.

That’s not the end of the party, Asahd Khaled Brand Jordan Fashion show will also hit the floor, while the celebrant himself will just be staring into the buzzing crowd, oblivious of what is going – he is just a two year old.

But, when your dad is DJ Khaled, you should be set for a loud lifestyle, right?

Happy Birthday Asahd!

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