A must read for lovers… What to note and what to keep off from.

Love is truly a good thing but comes in different shades.. Life sometimes come between two lovers but as life also would have it, they would find it difficult to do away heartily with each other..

These categories of guys would always come back to girls…

Your Ex Boyfriend

Here, I would talk about healthy relationships that got broken by unavoidable things of the world. No matter how far or how fatal the relationship might be when it ended, they would always have a thing for each other.

The guy who one once had sex with

Though this sounds a little weird but still we can’t leave out such thing. Once you have sex with someone, not talking about being a slut now…But  someone you dated or dating, it tends to be difficult for such a guy to go away far from you.

And the guy that love you
This category of guys are the ones that loves you but never get the opportunity to get closer… They would always be around till they find better people.

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