Co – founder of Microsoft dies of cancer, and the tech world mourns

One of the key brains behind Microsoft. Paul Allen

Many might have known only Bill Gates when it comes to Microsoft, but there was a co – founder, Paul Allen, and now Paul is dead, died of cancer a few hours ago.

Paul as of his last birthday was 65 years of age, he suffered from cancer, and his death in the early hours of this week was confirmed by his company – Vulcan Inc, via CNBC.

His sister also confirmed the death in a statement.

My brother was a remarkable individual on every level. While most knew Paul Allen as a technologist and philanthropist, for us he was a much loved brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend.
Paul’s family and friends were blessed to experience his wit, warmth, his generosity and deep concern. For all the demands on his schedule, there was always time for family and friends. At this time of loss and grief for us – and so many others – we are profoundly grateful for the care and concern he demonstrated every day.

Paul’s cancer was said to have resulted from complications of non – Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

May his gentle soul rest in peace

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