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Air travel is set to take on the new feel that road transport is trying to imbibe – electric Vehicles. In no distant future, you could be flying on a plane that runs purely on battery (to use it faster, leave Nigeria).

Zunum Aero, a startup company backed by Boeing Co. Has been working on a project, and is set to deliver a first set of Hybrid – electric planes to JetSuite Inc by 2022.

JetSuite is not a big commercial airline like Virgin or Qatar airways, but, its a really prominent Charter Airline, and they would be receiving a firat batch of 100 electric planes, that can carry as much as 12 passengers at once.

Jetsuite, tbought not too big, is also backed by Qatar airways, and Zunum airline alongside JetSuite has received quite a huge investment on the deal.

This new type of aircraft will eliminate the roar of conbustion-based engines, powered instead by twin propulsors attached to the rear of its frame. The ducted, or covered, fans will be driven by electric motors. A conventional fuel-powered motor will serve as a back-up system at the outset.

In the wings of the aircraft, battery packs (instead of fuel), will be housed. According to Zunum, they expect the project to manifest faster, based on the fact that there are more investments in Electric cars and aircrafts. Competitors such as Europe’s Airbus SE and a partnership that includes EasyJet Plc, the U.S. military and NASA are pursuing similar concepts.

“JetSuite, with its tradition of shifting paradigms in aviation, is an ideal partner for us in this launch collaboration,” Ashish Kumar, Zunum’s chief executive officer, said in the statement. “We have a shared vision for fundamentally transforming and improving the way that people live and travel.”
JetSuite has reserved “a fraction” of the first 100 Zunum Aero 10 aircraft to be produced, and the timing of remaining deliveries will be determined closer to 2022, Kumar said in an email.
Just in-line with the vision of JetSuite to emerge into the commercial flight market, Zunum is set to provide aircraft of a longer range. The ZA10 will have a range of 700miles when introduced in 2022, and ZA50 will have a range of 1000miles, a target of mid 2020. 
JetSuiteX began flying scheduled service along the West Coast in April 2016, using Embraer SA’s 30-seat ERJ135 regional jets. The airline employs private air terminals in California and Las Vegas, allowing travelers to bypass larger airports and congested terminals. The carrier said in April that it’s still examining destinations for its planned eastward expansion.

Zunum is a company that is working tirelessly on creating more electric forms of combustion motors, improving the electric appliances we have (like making your ceiling fan silent, like silent), amongst other projects. But, one reason I’m optimistic aboyt their works is cos the company is located in Illinois, where they would get invested in, unlike Nigeria where no one cares. Proudly Nigerian though. 

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