Sad! Nigeria loses this number of kids daily to preventable illnesses

    It’s so saddening that Nigeria has a really poor health system (though still better than some other African countries, but for a country of this status, it’s poor), and this is costing us the lives of numerous citizens.

    In a report by NAN, Nigeria is said to lose about 700 children per day as surveyed by Marternal And New Child Health (MNCH2) a UK funded programme, and the irony is that the cause of this death toll could have been prevented. How sad?!

    Evidence was presented by Dr Ashiru Hamza, the Advocacy and Accountability advisor of the organisation, at an Editorial roundtable meeting on Thursday in Kaduna.

    The event is said to have been set up to improve the media coverage on health related issues, geared at sustaining the intervention of MNCH2 in six northern stated Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe and Zamfara, as the organisation is exiting it’s programme by May 2019.

    In his words, the Dr made reporters aware of the fact that Nigeria contributes about 10% to the total number of maternal deaths, globally. This is such a huge number, right?

    He said: “The under-5 mortality in the northern parts of the country is also much higher than the national rate which is 265 and 120, respectively.’’

    Hamza noted that these deaths of mothers and kids were caused mainly by complications at child birth that could have been treated if special attention has been paid to the health care system. 

    He further said several studies conducted in the country indicated a drop in maternal mortality in Southwest and South East by 165 and 286, respectively, while the situation had remained as high as 1,549 and 1,026 in the North East and North West, respectively.

    Further in his words, there were mention of what every Nigeria knows about, how that there is lack of transparency and accountability in the dispensation of funds in health care, and how such funds don’t reach the end users – patients. 

    It’s appaling that this is happening in Nigeria, but the truth is, THIS IS NIGERIA. 
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