Ranking of the most powerful Avengers you really need to see

Are you a lover of Avengers like me? Then this youtube video will surely thrill you.

Avengers infinity wars got many people on their toes as to the turn of events, Hulk not being able to fight as much as we expected and eventually the ending of the movie. It didn’t turn out as expected, right? Well, that’s Marvel for you, always keeping us in the hook, and this time, I believe they ended Infinity wars like that, to keep us in the hook for Captain Marvel.

This YouTube channel did a pretty good ranking on how powerful members of the Avengers are, based on their contribution to Infinity wars especially. I would love that you see it for yourself, but I will drop a quick spoiler, Hawkeye ranked least, and you need to see the damn reason he did. Also, you won’t believe who ranked top.

Sit back and watch. I’m off.

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