Leaked photos of cheaper iPhone X you can afford – iPhone Xc

Have you been saving up to purchase your very longed-for iPhone X, and also get one for your boo/bae? Well, don’t save too much, iPhone Xc might just be good enough.

Apple is set to make another launch next week and what has been expected so far is that iPhone 9 will be lainched, but here we go, iPhone Xc (according to rumours). Rumours are always out and mostly correct when new phones are to be launched, take note.

iPhone Xc is set to be a cheap one that every Tom Dick and Harry can afford, and it comes in a variety of colours, ranging from red to pink to dark blue and white. Though, we expected am orange color too, but so far from the leaked images, we fail to see an orange color.

iPhone Xc is a 6.1 inch phone with a LCD display. These leaked photos are actually not real phones, but dummy models of the phones.

iPhone Xc (6.1” LCD) clones/dummy models in new colors. pic.twitter.com/RybRhE7XSO

— Ben Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) September 6, 2018

The name is well coined (iPhone Xc), and we have made our deductions about the phone being a cheaper iPhone X based on these reasons. It retains the moniker – iPhone X, and also, the ‘c’ is gotten from a former iPhone c, which has the size of iPhone 5, but it comes at a cheaper price than the flagship names. So, a combo of the two names sinply tells us that this is iPhone X at a cheaper price.

These are all rumours (most certainly true anyways), but confirmations will surface next week when Apple makes the official release. But, one cool thing now is that Apple phones are set to be in varying colors irrespective of the name.

I’m loving iPhones the more.

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