Leaked files of Samsung Galaxy S10 suggests that there might be four versions of the phone

Samsung is in no way planning to stop thrilling customers with salivating models of the Samsung Galaxy series, and now, we are looking at a release of S10 in the nearest future. S9 boasts of crazy features for its $1000 price, though it suffered low sale than expected.

The Galaxy S10 might have more choices than we previously thought (pictured: Samsung Galaxy S9).

But the fun thing about the coming Samsung S10 is that it might have up to four variants. This speculation is as a result of leaked XML files as claimed by XDA Developer blog. Editor of the blog noticed something inside the Android 9.0 update from Samsung.

Some months ago, analyst Min-Chi Kuo spoke of a possible three versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10, but the fourth unreported phone is explained by XDA as per the XML file that they found.

Here is a quick breakdown of the versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 that we expect to see.

  • beyond0 –  Beyond is known to be Samsung’s codename for the Galaxy S10. The assumption is this will be the lowest priced S10 with lower-end specs.
  • beyond1: The main version of Samsung’s main Galaxy S10 which is said to have a 5.8-inch AMOLED display
  • beyond2: A bigger version of the new phone, the Galaxy S10+ model is said to have a 6.44-inch screen
  • beyond25g: The fourth, previously unreported phone. It’s believed to be Samsung’s first Galaxy phone that supports 5G.
But Chill o, I would like you to know that these speculations are still rumours and can only be confirmed when we get words from Samsung itself, but like I always say, rumours in the tech world are mostly true. 
Earlier today, Mashable reports that there are Samsung phones coming out soon, with 3 or 4 rear cameras, and this should keep you salivating for more, cos when it comes to Samsung, no one plays the Smartphone ga,e better. 
A few days ago, Samsung sent out invites to its “A Galaxy Event” set to come up by October 11, and in the invite, there was a bolden and stressed phrase “4* fun”. The stressing of this word could be a pointer to the fact that there are really four versions of Samsung Galaxy S10. It is at this event that we will get the full details about Samsung Galaxy S10, and when we do, you will surely know here. 
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