Don’t update your Whatsapp! Don’t!! Here is why.

Whatsapp is one app that has become a part of the human life, especially if you are a Nigerian. And the reason is simple, it allows you to keep up with activities and instantly message people.

Imagine the ease with which you can message your friends, and especially baes and boos (apart from people like us who have no baes). But, sincerely, Whatsapp has been a very good one and I’m thankful. My brand and business is basically Located on whatsapp, i run all major transactions there, and have a larger percentage of my audience there. But, Whatsapl is beginning to fall my hand.

Just as the faithful user that i am, my whatsapp gave a pop up notification, that the current version i was using will expire in three days, so I, out of my limited data updated the app on Playstore, and now, i regret doing so.

I have over 250 whatsapp groups I forward message to instantly, but now, the new version is set to limit that to 20. I tried forwarding a broadcast to all my groups as I have always done pruor to the updtmate, and when i was done marking the 20th group, it gave a pop up notification that I can forward messages to more than 20 groups.

Brethren, I don’t know if i should start crying right now, but that shii is real. You can’t forward a message to more than 20 groups at once (once you update the app)

So, I have decided to run back to the former version of the app, or at worst, I will have to copy and send messages individually to all 250+ groups, which will take me ages. (I think i need to hire an assistant for that)

But, there is one cool thing about the new version though, and that is, if someone forwarded a message to you or a group you are on, it will place a label on the message, saying “forwarded”.

Well, as of now, that’s all i have noticed and my discovery so far has left me heartbroken, so I tell you, don’t update your Whatsapp. Better still, let’s all not update.

Bring back our mass messagin!!!

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  1. And you call this a reason not to update WhatsApp???
    This is shit, absolute shit.
    What are you people up to? You are really crazy for having to upload this as a news worthy piece.
    This is one of the most insanely idiotic thing I've ever seen and read. I was expecting to see some real tech issues with updating WhatsApp only for me to see this nonsense you call "why" we shouldn't update WhatsApp.

    Screw off, and be more adept to know and post real content and news worthy piece.



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