Breaking! Linda Ikeji buys N108m Bently for her new born son

Ok. Now, this is what we call stunning, Linda Ikeji just bought a Bently Mulsanne for her son, worth over $310k (about N108m), and it’s totally amazing.
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This is such a joyous something, and the really joyous ones are Linda Ikeji’s sibling. This amazing news was shared on Instagram by Linda’s little sister, Sandra Ikeji.

She wrote on one of the photosHey lil Jayce, your mum @officiallindaikeji promised you a Bentley, now you have it!  Congratulations @officiallindaikeji on your 120mili Bentley #Bentleyforbabyj,” 

Sandra then went on to clarify on another post that the Bently was a gift from Linda herself to her son.

she wrote “”Bentley Mulsanne! Push gift from Linda to Linda, Baby J, you are blessed,” she wrote. Now guys, did your parents mention the special gift they got for you after your birth? It’s obvious Linda Ikeji is going to spoiling her son with a lot of gifts. Ok, all good things always befall my loved role model. From childbirth to birthday. More happiness Linda.

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