Motivation Wednesday – Be Real (Temi Xpress Blog)

    Today, I seek to address a crucial issue that many youths in our generation are beginning to take for granted. We live in an age and time where gross attention is focused on the public figure. An age where life is largely driven on the basis of public interest. An age where individual status on social media has become a basis for judging progress and success.

    An age where we view our world through the glasses we choose, whether they’re rose-tinted glasses or mirror-coated sunglasses preventing the light from shining through. A time when business seminars place branding and packaging above delivery and integrity. We’re creating a culture of self-comparison that did not previously exist.
    What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re ugly inside? We are beginning to neglect the needful which is our reality.

    My worth is not in my kind of gadget. If your expensive gadgets don’t aid increasing your value, you do not need it for now. When you fake your identity and status, you will do more harm than good to your self; quote me anywhere. This is because you will need hundreds of lies to defend a lie and the consequences of exposed lies are always better imagined than experienced; too grievous.

    The secret of life is fair dealings and honesty. The truth cannot be hidden with a little cover up at all. You have to be honest. The world needs real people. Maybe it’s time we throw a little reality back into social media. Otherwise, we’re going to have to start changing that witty tagline to something more fitting. Don’t just look rich”, be rich. Be real!

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