Yemi Alade compares herself with Davido and Wizkid in interview with Hot FM

Hot FM 98.3 was really ‘litly’ hot when Yemi Aladepaid a visit. But, she did made a few points that you should know about. Before I continue, know this, Yemi Alade has the same prominence as Wizkid and Davido. Well, according to her.

Yemi Alade, a renowbed Nigerian Pop star, states clearly that she is operating on the same level with the likes of Davido and Wizkid.

In her words “I respect everyone. We all inspire each other in the industry. There is actually no number one, cos yoyr top five artistes all shut down the same capacity”.

With this, she imples that top artistes in Nigeria music industry all pull an approximate exact same number of crowd as dictated by the venue used.

“The same capacity Wizkid holds down in Africa, I hold it down. The same capacity Davido holds down in Africa, I hold it down too. So, there is really no number 1, and that is the truth. But, some people will be like ‘Yemi shut up’. We need to ask the promoters, they know the numbers.”.

To cap it all, Yemi Alade made mention of her latest tour of 13 European cities was a successful one, and that her ability to hold down large crowd is cos of how she reps Africa ‘unapologetically’ in the world.

But, can someone please remind Sis Yemi that Davido got BET best international act award, and even Wizkid took pictures with Drake, of recent. I’m just saying though.

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