This is the new dance Challenge caused by Drake’s Latest Album, Scorpion

Ok, Drake is Drake and almost every music has been a hit. His latest albums had taken on breaking records and making records, but the latest trend on Drake and His music, is the unconscious dance challenge that started because of a track on the album, In my feelings.

Actually, Drake did not start the challenge officially, but a comedian and online personality behind the @theshiggyshow started the hashtag and people has since been jumping on the hashtag, trying to out do the previous post or others jumping on the hashtag.

Here is the video by the comedian

Well, that why celebrities will always be celebrities, fans and internet users started jumping in on the Hashtag; #InTheFeeling and #DoTheShiggy and various videos ensued. see more

— Word On Road (@WordOnRd) July 6, 2018

Many more videos are pouring in fast, but I just pray that Donald Trump does not Jump in on this one like he did here sometimes ago.

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