“iPhones are better than Android”, here is one of the reasons you don’t know

You must have been thinking, what makes iPhone better than android, or is it better at all? Even I don’t know. But, I will share something with you, then you can judge on your own.

Have you ever wondered why you will see strange pop ups, or some icons amd stuffs on your Android device? Even when you don’t have an idea how they got there? I will tell you why.

In the coding of an app, there is a thing as “droppers”. Droppers are lines of codes that don’t look harmful, but eventually cause harm to a device. These lines of code are hidden so deep in the lines of code of an app, and they don’t cause damage at once, they do it in stages – multiple stages.

As Bleeping computers report, developers have been using this trick to get past google play store (for Android devices), in a bid to infect your phone with a malware (not necessarily a “virus”) of their  choice.

Here is how droppers work. Think of them as those security men you meet at the bank door. You will remember those time you are holding a metal object or your laptop, and the door is not letting you in, the security men collect them from you, you enter, and they pass it to you before the door closes, just to bypass protocols (Well, cos the safe boxes that should be outside the bank, are all bad). This is how droppers work.

Droppers are in the apps, Google playstore will not detect them, cos they are not the actual malware. Once the app is downloaded, they (droppers) serve as a gateway, and download various malwares to your phone, all this download occur in bits and bits.

What you should marvel at, is that, a whole Google Play Store is not able to detect this droppers when they test the apps, the apps pass the test and bombs are dropped into your phones (I reject it for mine Ijn, Amen)

Here is my pont, Apple’s Apple store scrutiny will never allow such apps with droppers to get on air, it will surely detect them, hence, developers don’t bother putting droppers in  IOS apps.

Now you see why iPhones are better than Androids. And we all know that there is no Antivirus softwares for mobiles (trust me, if you downloaded any, it’s a virus itself. Delete it now!). So, what then is Google doing to prevent this from happening? How is Google controlling what developers can out on an app?

I still don’t know too, but let’s hope this report gives them a wake up call, and the coming Android version, “Android P” will carry an update to block malwares, or Play store becomes more stringent.

Let’s just hope, and pray. Smiles.

If you still want to know which is better betweem Android and iPhones, read this CNN’s post comparing iPhones and Androids. 

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