Glass mobile phones are the future – Check out these Corning’s Gorilla glass 6 phones

Transluscent Glass phone. 

If you think you have seen anything, when it comes to mobile phones, then you are mistaken. Glass mobile phones are the next big thing, and you will buy it.

The tech world is evolving faster than we imagined, and it’s no surprise though. The future of mobile phones is nearer than we think, and that’s thanks to Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 mobile phones.

Corning is a tech company that has in recent years been experimenting glass phone technology. In 2016, the conoany released a prototype of glass (transluscent) mobile phones, but, there had been no big phone companiea adopting it, though the technology was adopted for some laptops.

As of now, the next-gen tech is available with Apple and Samsung, and it comes with scratch and impact resistance. But, the most interesting thing is that this phones can be engineered to not feel like glass at all.

Imagine holding a louvre blade in your hand, but what you feel is like holding a wood. Yes, that’s the highlight of this technology.

On Wednesday, at a press conference held at the company’s Sunnyvale California facility, it showed off the new designs that added cool realistic textures to its glass, nicked “Vibrant” Gorilla Glass.

Images ae printed on the etched glass that enables it to successfully mimic the feel of different textures, like wood, marble, rock, snake skin and lots more. Isn’t this just great?!

“The picture’s on the back, the texture’s on the front, you combine the two and you’ve suddenly changed the way the industrial designers think about. ‘What’s my phone gonna look like?'” Corning’s innovation director for Gorilla Glass said.

Karrisa bell, a reviewer for Mashable that reviewed the phone attested to the fact that it felt ‘like’ what it resembled. “The wood design actually felt like wood”.

But, that’s not all. These phone tech also makes room room for plain designs, that instead show off various reflective colours.

This phone tech is not only good for the eye and hand, it’s also durable, as the company attests that the phone can survive a fall of about 15 times on a rough surface.

At the conference, the Company didn’t specifically state any phone company that will be adopting its technology, but they promised one thing that phones with this technology will be out before year end. Get ready for a Christmas gift.

Though, one without a techy mind mught wonder how possible this would be – making a phone from glass, but if wireless charging could be possible, then, a Glass phone is way too possible, and it’s coming soon. Save up!!

Images by Karissa Bell/Mashable

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