Instagram now allows you to post long videos on Channels, like YouTube. Read More on IGTV

When a company is related to Mark Zuckerburg, you should be careful, he is silently haunting competitions, and the greatest competition to Instagram right now is YouTube.

The reason is simple, YouTube allows you to post long videos, while Instagram limits you to only 1 minute. You only get to post long videos on IG, when you are going live. And that has limitations I would rather not talk about in this post.

So, I said IG is competing with YouTube as it will now allow you to post long videos, right?

This is how, the new feature called IGTV, when launched will enable creators to create custom channels, where they can reach and engage to their followers. When creators posts long, well produced videos on the channel, followers of such channels are notified, they see it, and are abke to interact with the creator via comments.

Cool right? So all instagram celebrities will now have a reason to stay more on IG, rather than YouTube. IG is going for this style in that a recent srudy of US teens now use YouTube the more, making it the most popular social media, worldwide, though IG is also popular.

But, once IGTV is launched, we will only have to see the table that might probably turn in favour of IG. This is due to the flexibility and the “following” method of IG.

IGTV will stand as a stand alone app on bothe android and IOS, and it will also be incorporated into the main Instagram app, so yiy don’t have to stress over posting videos.

According to the CEO of IG, Kevin Systrom, IGTV will display vertical full screen videos (Like Snapchat), unlike YouTube that isn’t configured as such.

As of now, the app will not feature ads, but the CEO is really optimistic about the app featyring ads, and this way, creators are able to make money via the videos they make.

Cool right? So have you been having issues building your YiuTube subscribers? IGTV got your back.

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