To make best use of this latest Android version, you need to re-learn how to use a phone, and here is why

This is the man that owns your phone. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai

Apple isn’t stopping in software development of the iOS, as soon, we will have the iOS 12. But is Google’s Android stopping on it Android 8? The answer is a big NO.


In a release by Google, the tech giant will be making a very swift change to the latest version of Android to be released (Android P), and this change will make Android Similar to iPhone’s iOS, and it will be even better in that Android’s version will be faster.

You know that minimize button on Android? It will soon be gone. A look at iPhone X, switching through apps only requires you to swipe half way up from the bottom of the screen, and apps are displayed.

So also it will be in the latest version of Android, in that you will swipe up and your apps wipl be displayed horizontally across the screen, rather than vertically. It is verys similar to how it’s done on iPhone X, but trust Google, it is faster than iPhone X.

This development is coming as a result of many changes taking place in thr smartphone industry. Ever since the release of iPhone X, many phone making companies have began copying the design, and rather than Google crying that it’s software of Android will not fit well, it is redesigning to meet this changing templates of phones.

This change is very unlike what we Android are used to, and according to an analyst at, we might need to go relearn how to use Android because the new feature is way too awkward.

Well, if we could transit from Nokia 3310 to Android in not-too-hard a teaching, we could use an Android P soon enough, we oearn fast.

So, have you been planning on dumping your Android for an iPhone? Don’t bother, they will soon typically be the same thing, ans Google’s android will even be faster (Though I’m sure Apple will come up with sometjing different again)

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