This “ugly” T-shirt shirt cost just $1,290, it’s a really bizarre shirt

Ok, probably only fashion lovers will see the good in this shirt, but I’m sure if you are just an average human whose business is just to wear and wash clothes, you will call the designer of this shirt “Crazy”. Don’t feel lonely, I also did.

How on earth could a shirt as bizarre as this cost as much as $1290? This is a big question, but spanish fashion company, Balenciaga doesn’t really care about anseering that question.

Balenciaga’s latest design is a “T-shirt shirt”, and as the name implies, the design has a shirt hanging on a T-shirt, and vice versa. This design simply has teo clothes hanging on each other. You wear one and the other hangs.

According to the creative director of the company, Deman Gvasalia, the shirt is a beauty, and he doesn’t really care if people call it ugly. He said “In fact, I like when people call my designs ugly. I take it as a compliment”

Whether or not you agree with the director, he doesn’t care. And just in case you have some cash to play around with, you can get the ‘Twin shirt’ on

I find the cloth beautiful and unique, what about you?

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