This Black Panther Featurette reveals how Marvel came about Wakanda’s futuristic tech

Ever wondered how Marvel was able to come about those highly ‘techified’ it used in Black Panther, then you should watch this video.

Wakanda is a step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology, a result of the Vibranium managed by shuri. But, in the real world, shuri knows nothing about how all these tech came about, the brain behind it is the production manager, Hannah Beachler.

According to Hannah, she and her team drew a lot of ideas from the comic book of Jack Kirby. But even while going with these innovations, Hannah and her team made sure that Wakanda still feels like the real world, and not space.

She made sure the tech ain’t too out of these world, and you would be able to get a closer look at this techie techs when Black Panther gets released to digitals on May 8.

Watch this video to see her talk how she built wakanda