Reekado Banks preaches on Twitter and people are reacting

    Updated!!! Picture of one of his music videos surfaced, and it’s hilarious

    What’s bad in Reekado preaching? That’s if his tweet can be counted as preaching. But what other gospel is there than “Accept Jesus today”. That’s the core right?

    Reekado Banks took to his Twitter (In a Tweet dated 26th April 2018) and in his church mind tweeted “Heaven is real, Hell is real. Accept Jesus today”

    Heaven is real! Hell is real!

    Accept Jesus today ❤️

    — LEYI (@ReekadoBanks) April 26, 2018

    Were you surprised? Don’t be. Man is hot on the words of God, and just wanted to share with us. But, because this is Reekado, people took this tweet for a joke, someone even DMed him, so they could create a church.

    Baba Check your DM let's talk about opening a church na

    — 99Demonz (@AkinLion_) May 5, 2018

    Another Twitter user said “Thank you, Pastor Oyakhilome, kindly return the phone to Reekado”. Insinuating that it must surely Pastor that typed the Tweet and not Reekado

    Thank you Pastor Oyakhilome kindly return the phone to Reekado Banks

    — Minister of Fufu and Egusi 🍲 (@dj_zeeez) May 5, 2018

    Despite these trolls, some people actually commended him, with everyone pouring out their hearts about looking past his person and focus on his message.

    Why can't people look pass his person and actually focus and understand his message. Stop throwing a thousand stones when you know your life isn't perfect!! Won't be surprised if he makes heaven before most of you judges.

    — 2WTY-v🌟 (@SegunAdeniji11) May 2, 2018

    Well, today is Sunday, a day many people think is for playing gospel music.

    Anyhow, Reekado said you should accept Jesus, so if you haven’t, now is your chance, your MCM is now a pastor.

    In an update: A Twitter user shares a picture of a picture(probably music video), where his hands were ‘technically’ on the butt of a slay queen. I guess Trying to remind him that “Bros, shey no be you be this?”. But, common, people change. Right?

    Leyi ☺️

    — KIVIE🇮🇹🇳🇬 (@italiankivie) May 5, 2018

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