Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson Talks On How She Keeps Her Marriage.

    Mercy Johnson-Okojie, while chatting with
    Saturday Beats, jokingly stated with a wide smile that she would
    never return the beautiful wedding ring her husband gave her.

    She said, “I did not feel bad when I read the news that my marriage
    was hitting the rocks because it was not true. I am very comfortable
    in my own space and I am not out to please anybody. I am always
    true to myself and I continue to be a happy person.

    The curvy actress insists, “There was absolutely no problem between
    my husband and me, I only deleted the old pictures on my Instagram
    page. They were old so I deleted them to post new ones. I am not
    letting my husband go; even when he is angry, I would beg him.
    You see these beautiful rings that he has given to me, I am never
    returning them.

    The mother of three further revealed that her visit to the labour
    room was not over as she hopes to have another child. “I am going
    to have another baby very soon. I am obsessed with children and
    while growing up, I had always wanted to have four children, so we
    have to complete the equation.

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