Instagram launches video chat and call

Facebook is set to make you quit snapchat, as it is doing better than Snapchat in every of their related features. Just take a look at Whatsapp stories and Snapchat’s. Whatsapp status recorded a use by 450million users per day, while Snapchat stories stays low at 191million users.


Latest way mark is set to overrule Snap is the introduction of Video Call and Call to Instagram. These features are already on whatsapp, but introducing them to Instagram, which is actually a platform for visual sharing, is genius.

These additions to the messaging feature of the app will boost the rate at which people use the app. Instagram is set to become your phone, and not just an app. You will get to make calls, video chat, chat and even share on the app, that’s more or less your phone right?

Games? They might come soon too, just like messenger now has a feature that allows you game with friends online.

According to Mark at the F8 conference, “People use the live video tool to hang out with friends, it’s amazing how these tools are bringing the world together”

The news of this video chat tool was first uncovered by TechCrunch two months ago, which revealed dormant icons for video chat and calls in the Updated Instagram APK codes. Now it is confirmed by Mark himself at the F8 developers conference.

The date for this release wasn’t explicitly stated, but know that it is soon, just like the Facedate feature is also going to launch. Mark is launching many things, a follow up to his words, where he said “we will keep building”. He will keep building, just to keep the ever increasing social media users in his building.

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