Instagram: How to send another person’s post to your instagram story instantly

Instagram knows you like stories and this new feature just started making your story posting easier. Do you have loved ones or favs you would always want to post their pictures in your IG stories, then the Facebook-owned company got your back.

In a recent update to IG, there is now an icon or feature that allowd you to share a post (picture) directly to your IG story. You don’t need to first save before you can now upload pictures to story, do it directly now with two clicks.

When you see a picture you like, do you know that paper-plane-like icon at the bottom of the post, beside the comment icon? Click it. Once you do, you will find “Add post to your story”, click click click. Just click once.

The post shows up as a sticker on you IG stories, instantly. According to an IG spokesman that spoke with Mashable, this feature will have the name of rhe original poster of the picture as credit, just below the picture.

And don’t be scared that probably stalkers or perverts will have your picture pn their story, you can just turn off the ability of people to share your post in “Settings”. You will see “Story settings”, scroll to the very bottom after you click that, you will see where to turn off sharing of your posts.

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