Happy Democracy Day – A message from me to you (#ThisIsNigeria)

    It’s yet another May 29th, and the usual holiday is given. It’s Democracy day, and I really congratulate you for seeing yet another Day of Celebrating Democracy.

    As a Nigerian though, there are few questions we need to ask ourselves, “Is Nigeria really enjoying the said dividends of Democracy?” I bet your answer is no.

    Amidst all the country’s woes and cry, economic recession, insecurity, poverty, and all other vices that plague this great nation, we will say, we are far from being alright.

    I wouldn’t waste time stating all the issues that the Nigerian Govt and populace need to address, as they are all visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. And if you think you still don’t know, take a cue from Falz’s latest single, “This Is Nigeria”.

    The song takes a superb lyrical look at the problems that Nigerians face, from the political hemisphere, to religion, to security, to even celebrities. It’s a four minutes song, but it sure tells a lot.

    But, I believe in one thing, that no matter how bad the state of the Nation is, we should always take time off our struggles, and live in the fantasy of the internet. So many issues are dropping, so many information flying around, but picking the best and necessary one is why this blog was created.

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