Man who almost died sets record in Guiness books of record

    Have you any idea of records therein in the Guiness books or record? There are oceans of records in there, with Nigerians having a taste of honour bestowed by Guiness.

    The guiness books of record contain many records which you might count as nonsense, but there sure are some that are worthy, and really daring. One of such is the record set by Rodrigo Koxa.

    Rodrigo is a brazillian surfer who holds the record of riding the highest sea wave, a total of 80 feets. The previous record was set by American surfer, Gareth McNamara at 78feets. Rodrigo went two feets further last year, November specifically and made a new world record.

    It was not until a recent event held in California by the surfers association that he was presented with the honour.

    Back in 2014, Rodrigo had a near death experience while riding the waves, and had been scared to pull off any surfing since then, but his come back last year was a whoa, riding the 80 feet tall wave, and setting the record.

    In his word “I’m so happy right now, and I will advice that you don’t stop believing in your dreams”. You heard the man, don’t stop.

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