Facebook set to become a dating app

Since way back, Facebook has helped connect with friends and family, and like one Twitter user said, Facebook connects us to the past, while Twitter connects us to the future. But Facebook just beat that comment and is ready to connect you to something more than the future, to connect you to a lifetime.


Yes, Facebook wants to help you meet that lifelong partner you crave for. Facebook is set to launch a new feature called the “dating feature”. According to Facebook at the F8 developers conference, Facebook announced this plan, stating that the feature is not meant for meagre hook ups, but to build a lasting dating experience.

The world has so many dating apps already, but what would make Facebook’s feature unique is what we still don’t know, as the company is yet to give full details about how it intends to achieve relationships more than hook ups on the feature.

And you might wonder what has gotten into Mark to wanna introduce this feature, well, the Online dating Industry generates $3billion annually, and Probably Mark is wanting to get his share, maybe a even larger share.

But, this is Mark we are talking about, whatever he is planning, I’m sure it’s genius (though he is undergoing scrutiny on his data scandal with govt). Remember, he is the genius behind Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and even made a big deal of Whatsapp (With whatsapp status keeping people glued to the app)

The official date for the launch was not announced, but when you hear the word “soon” from that company, it’s nearer than you think.

Beware of Mark, he will forever keep you on ‘his Internet’. Beware!!

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