Don Jazzy is working on a project to make song writers richer than artistes

    Are you a song writer? Like, you write good songs? Then this is for you. Mavin records CEO, Don Jazzy took to his Twitter handle to share a hint of what he’s been up to.


    Don Jazzy is a popular Nigerian artiste and business mogul, who has gone beyond making his own music, but also helps building up some of Nigeria’s biggest artistes. Simply put, he is passionate about music, he is passionate about you, a song writer.

    So, you said you are a Song writer, then Don Jazzy has something for you. In his tweet, Don shared that he is “working on something”, and he quaranteed that some of you (song writers) will be making more money than most recording artistes.

    I am working on something. And when I’m done I can guarantee some of you will make more money than most artists just being a dope song writer.

    — ITS DONJAZZY AGAIN😉 (@DONJAZZY) May 11, 2018

    According to his previous tweets, Don made it clear that the music industry needs more of song writers rather than artistes, cos there are too many artistes in the industry, and there are other jobs to do in the industry.

    Actually the music industry has soooo many positions to fill other than being on stage. And I know some of you have the skills.

    — ITS DONJAZZY AGAIN😉 (@DONJAZZY) May 11, 2018

    He, not being a prophesy of doom, but being point blank, not everyone will blow as an artiste, why not just blow as a song writer?

    Maybe u haven’t blown cos u think you have what it takes to be an artist. When you could be a mega song writer. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    — ITS DONJAZZY AGAIN😉 (@DONJAZZY) May 11, 2018

    So, just focus on writing more good music, Don Jazzy is cooking up something for you, and who knows, you could be the next rated, and the likes of Headies will include awards for “Best Song Writer”, which you could claim.

    I think what our industry needs now is more song writers. We have too many artists as it is.

    — ITS DONJAZZY AGAIN😉 (@DONJAZZY) May 11, 2018

    What exactly he is working on can not be confirmed now, but considering his guarantee, it must be pretty awesome. And trust me to let you know when he’s done, better still, you can follow him on Twitter or other social media to stay abreast with follow up info.

    You could like our page, so that you get first hand information when he reveals what he is cooking up.
    We gaz make this money las las, stay woke!!

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