Buhari claims he left for London, for this reason

    Earlier today, the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has embarked on a four days visit to the United Kingdom, London specifically.

    This was made known in his tweet about 21 hours ago, “I will be travellibg to the United Kingdom tomorrow to see my doctor, at his request. Will be away for four days, back in Abuja on Saturday, May 12”.

    Trust the internet, the buzz wasn’t easy, as the President is labelled to be spending more time abroad than in Aso Rock.

    According to his tweet, he claims he is going on the Trip because his “Doctor requested him to come”. This could be a propaganda for all we care, but one sure thing is, Buhari is going back to London, and this fueled the question on the lips of many concerned citizens, “Will Buhari be fit, health-wise to lead Nigeria if granted a second term”?

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