Adorable photos of world smallest woman and her husband

        According to Guinness world book of records, Jyoti Amge is the smallest living woman on planet earth. The 23 years old Indian woman has been holding the record since 2012 but has finally married the love of her life at the age of 23. Jyoti has a height of 62.8 centimeters(2 ft 0.6in) and from medical records,she suffers from achondroplasia which means she can’t grow taller than 2ft 1in(0.64m)

    As the smallest woman in the world, it’s not all negative for Jyoti Amge; her status and stature has also taken her to greater heights. She ended up living her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress when she was cast in the fourth season of American Horror Story: Freak Show as Ma Petite.

    Speaking of attire, she said all her clothes and jewelry are custom made and that she loves to chat,play video games and hang out with friends who usually carry her since they are much taller. As for romance jyoti insist its not an option for her.
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