16 years old housewife poisons husband to death, with rat poison

    Kano experiences heatwave again, as a 16 years old housewife poisons her husband to death, and has subsequently been remanded in Children remand. Next time, a 16 years old girl shouldn’t be married, should she?

    According to a neighbour, the husband, Auwalu ate the food prepared by the wife and died almost immediately of rat poison, which was mixed  with the food.

    While in court though, the 16 years old wife has denied every of such allegations and pleaded not guilty to the charges of culpable homicide laid before her.

    The judge, Hajiya Fatima finding no headway and solid evidence adjourned the case till June 7th buy ordered that the wife be remanded.

    According to the prosecutor, Alura Mijinyawa, the 16 years old wife has acted against section 221 of the penal code.

    Say No to child marriage, it’s tantamount to abuse.

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